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Spindlethorn Sieve Blade

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Spindlethorn Sieve Blade is a hollow blade favoured by Assassins and Death Cultists for its ability to swiftly deliver poisons and other substances to the target.[1]

Originally created from the hollow, spiky fronds of the Spindlethorn Plant, this weapon would be loaded with the venomous sap of the same plant for use against predators. The flat sides of the blade have hundreds of tiny holes, which allow toxins concealed inside the blade to spread into any wound it causes. Any damage caused by the blade will expose the target to the toxin, though the indiscriminate nature of its delivery system means that the toxin is expended on contact even if this fails to injure the foe. While this weapon is typically constructed from modern materials, some “purists” insist on only using blades grown in the old ways.[1]