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Gaunt (Tyranid)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Tyranid genus; for the Imperial Guard officer, see Ibram Gaunt.
A swarm of various Tyranid Gaunts

Gaunt (Gauntii) is the genus for a number of the smaller Tyranid species — including Termagants, Spinegaunts, Hormagaunts and Gargoyles.


The Gaunt species are smaller and less physically powerful than most other Tyranid organisms, but they are extraordinarily adaptable and always attack in large numbers. They are a fully mutable species, and some are grown with extra wings, adrenaline/venom sacs and even bizarre bio-weapon symbiotes, including the dreaded Spike Rifle.

Available Bio-weapons mutations

Sometimes groups of Gaunts are gathered together to form a specialized brood. They are usually similar in some way, often by their armament. Some of these include:

  • Impaler Broods

Impaler Broods are formed of up to 8 Gaunts armed with Spike Rifles.

  • Strangler Broods

Strangler Broods are formed of up to 8 Gaunts armed with Stranglewebs.

Species of Gaunt

  • Gargoyles are a species of gaunt that are are armed with a Fleshborer. They have also evolved a blinding venom attack and wings.
  • The Hormagaunt is a gaunt species that is armed with Scything Talons. It has also evolved a remarkable leaping ability.
  • The Spinegaunt is Gaunt species that is armed with Spinefists.
  • The Termagant is the most numerous gaunt species. It is armed with a Fleshborer. The term "Termagant" is often used, in a broader sense, to mean any gaunt species that carries a ranged weapon symbiote.
  • Nightgaunt is a winged gaunt species that is armed with Scything Talons and Implant Attack.[2]
  • Deathgaunt is gaunt species that is armed with Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, and is capable of leaping.[2]

Other Subspecies

There are many other sub-species of Gaunt which little is known, among them are:

  • Hellgaunts
  • Terrorgaunts
  • Slashgaunts
  • Razorgants
  • Crucigants
  • Exegants
  • Malgants
  • Mortegaunts
  • Rendergants
  • Protogaunts
  • Pyrogaunts
  • Lashgaunts
  • Genogants
  • Toxigaunts


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