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Spleenrippa (Warboss)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Warboss; for the vehicle, see Spleenrippa.

Spleenrippa was an Ork Warboss whose Waaagh! invaded the Imperium world Herald's Fall. This drew swift and brutal retribution from the Knights of House Krast and the Cockatrices Titan Legion and the Warboss led his forces against them from within his Great Gargant. However, when his Orks laid eyes on the Ordinatus Mars, the largest of the Cockatrice Legion's Titans, they began firing at it, as they were driven into a near frenzy at the chance of a good scrap. Spleenrippa yelled at his forces to stay back, however - the Ordinatus was his and anyone who got in his way would get stomped. When his attention was turned upon the Titan, though, the House Krast Knight Forillus fired upon the head of Spleenrippa's Gargant with his thermal cannon, instantly killing the Warboss. When the now-headless Gargant crashed into the ground, the Waaagh! was broken and Herald's Fall was saved.[1]

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