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Splinter Cannon

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Splinter Cannon[1]

Splinter Cannons are a type of Dark Eldar Splinter Weapon.[1]

The Splinter Cannon is a heavy type of Splinter Weapon and much more expensive to produce, as it incorporates several additions to allow the user to fire this large, bulky weapon even while charging into assault. The primary additions are a semi-liquid stabilization mechanism housed approximately in the center of the cannon, to provide a counterweight to the constantly fluctuating center of gravity on the weapon. Second, an auto-burst trigger will continue to fire splinters for four to five seconds after it has been pulled, in case the user loses his grip temporarily during the charge.[1][2]

Finally, and possibly most important, is the addition of magneto-impulse directional spines along the barrel, and a secondary power generator housed in the back of the cannon, to prevent stalling or improper functioning. These directional spines provide additional magnetic field stability, preventing the splinters from exiting the barrel traveling at an awkward angle or hitting the inside of the barrel and causing damage to the weapon.[1][2]


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