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Splinter Pistol

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Splinter Pistol[1]

Splinter Pistols are a type of Dark Eldar Splinter Weapon.[1]

The Splinter Pistol is the ranged weapon of choice for most the remainder of the Dark Eldar forces, finding frequent use in the ranks of Archons, Wyches, Reaver Jetbikers and most Sybarites and Dracons. Usually paired with a Monomolecular Knife or Claw and used as a pair for added effectiveness in assaults. The Splinter Pistol uses the same ammunition and firing mechanisms as the rifle, although compacted and therefore have shorter range, and with a smaller ammunition crystal to reduce the weight even further. Splinter Pistol crystals are therefore the most frequently impregnated with toxins, as they are the weapons that most need the added effect.[2]