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Splinter Rifle

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Splinter Rifle[1]

Splinter Rifles are a type of Dark Eldar Splinter Weapon.[1]

The most common weapon in the Dark Eldar Armoury, the Splinter Rifle is used by nearly every citizen of Commorragh at some point in their lives. It is the standard weapon of choice for Kabalite Warriors. The weapon is lightweight and usually sports Monomolecular Blades for added functionality in melee combat. It features a medium-sized ammunition crystal to reduce weight while still maintaining a decent amount of ammo before the user needs to reload.[2]

The gun houses an ammunition disintegration generator to break up the crystal into shards, along with a cyclic ammunition feeder to house the shards before firing. Once fired, it routes the energy used to disintegrate the ammunition crystal through a magno-electric impulse chamber that accelerates the crystal to supersonic speeds, rocketing it towards its intended target.[2]


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