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Staff of Light

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Staff of Light

A Staff of Light is a type of weapon used by high-ranking Necrons, including Overlords, Lords and Crypteks.[2a][5][6]

An exception among Necron technology, the staff does not use Gauss Weaponry principles, instead it absorbs energy from thin air to release in the form of powerful lightning bolts. A secondary effect of the energy is a steep decrease in the temperature around the wielder, the cold freezes the limbs of the opponents, mechanical or not, who shatters when hit by the staff.[1]

Later versions sport a Fractal Edged Blade on the top of the staff for increased damage.[2b]


The Staff of Light can be further modified by its wielders to better serve them in battle.

  • Gauss Flayer: A full gauss flayer embedded in the Staff of Light allows the Necron Lord to fire devastating bolts of energy at his foes.[3]
  • Gauss Flux Arc: Multi-barreled flux-arc projectors are embedded in the Staff of Light, allowing the Necron Lord to fire devastating bolts of energy at his foes.[4]
  • Necrontyr Sigils: Adorning the hilt of the Staff of Light, these ancient sigils empower the weapon to fire powerful gauss blasts at the enemy.[3]
  • Reaping Blades: Added after the Skinning Blades, these additional blades allow the Staff of Light to cut though the toughest of armour, making it very effective against vehicles.[3]
  • Skinning Blades: Able to flense flesh and slice through armor, these blades inspire dread in all those who face the Necron Lord in close combat.[3]
  • Warscythe Blades: Can be added after the Skinning Blades, the Warscythe phase blades slip effortlessly through even the most powerful armour.[4]

Unique Staves of Light


Necron Staff of Light.[2b]

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