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Stahl was a Cadian General with a hundred and fifty years of service, who was put in command of Kasr Myrak when the Fortress World was invaded, during the 13th Black Crusade.

For the first thirty nine days of the invasion, the Kasr's defenses fared well against the Cultists and heritics that assaluted it. The next day however, Chaos Space Marines joined the attack and the invasion fleet began to fire upon Kasr Myrak as well. Days later a portion of the Kasr's walls were destroyed and the forces of Chaos came flooding in. Stahl personally led the defense against the invaders, with his Kasrkin bodyguards beside him, but the General was soon signaled out by the Black Legion Chaos Lord Druxus Bale. As the Chaos Lord advanced upon him, Stahl charged at Bale while wielding a Power Sword that was a family heirloom. The aristocratic Stahl, felt that with his superber swordsmanship and great faith in the Emperor, he would be able to kill the Chaos Lord. At first he seemed to be right, as his first two strikes pierced Bale's power armour and even forced the Chaos Lord back from the General. On Stahl's next swing though, Bale caught the General's power sword in his hand and broke it. Despite this, the General refused to retreat and drew his laspistol, as his Kasrkin bodyguards reached his side. Bale however killed Stahl and the Kasrkins with a single swipe of the Chaos Lord's blade, before they could fire upon him. With Kasr Myrak's defenses breached and its commander now dead, the Chaos Space Marines moved on and left the Kasr, to be destroyed by hordes of Cultists and heretics.[1]