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Pure (Chaos Warband)

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The Pure are a Chaos Space Marine Warband.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Pure -
Origin: Star Scorpions
Leader: Nar Kezar (one of the leaders)[2b]
Homeworld: Khamun-Sen[1]
Chaos dedication: Unknown
Colours: White and age-greened bronze as the Pure[2a]
White with green helmet, chest and backpack (when they were Star Scorpions)[2d]
Strength: Unknown

Formerly they were a loyalist Space Marine Chapter known as the Star Scorpions (Androctonus Astra in High Gothic) of the Twenty Fifth Founding. Officially they are considered by the Imperium as a destroyed chapter that was lost in the Warp.[1a] In fact, after disappearing in the Warp, the Star Scorpions had changed by kneeling to the service of the Chaos powers and become The Pure, a Chaos warband.[2b]


Star Scorpions

The Star Scorpions was originally assigned to guard Elara's Veil alongside the Emperor's Spears and the Celestial Lions.[2c] It had the dual misfortune of producing redundant gene-seed and being utterly devastated by warp entities when the chapter's fleet became trapped in the Warp. Officially they were considered lost in the Warp.[2d]

The redundant gene-seed hampered Imperial efforts to rebuild the Scorpions chapter and eventually the bio-engineers and chem-architects of the Adeptus Mechanicus were forced to concede defeat. For a time it seemed that the number 888 would never be raised again, but some years later a new Founding in the offing persuaded the priesthood to revisit the chapter regalia, resulting in the creation of the Mentor Legion chapter.[2d] The Mentors received the uniforms and number of the extinct chapter but, instead of the redundant seed, they were given an entirely new generation of genetic material collated from the storage banks of the Terran laboratories.[Needs Citation]

The Pure

After becoming a Chaos warband, the former Star Scorpions named themselves The Pure. They then reappeared in the Elara's Veil, clearly wishing to gain possession of what they once defended.[2b]

The Pure command the Exilarchy warhost and in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation, the Pure and the Exilarchy were expelled by the Warp into the Elara's Veil region. The worlds located there are under the domain of the Imperium, but the Pure seek to colonize them[1b], distorting the Star Scorpions' former desire to protect these worlds.[2b] This has brought them into conflict with the Emperor's Spears and Celestial Lions chapters, who are still charged with protecting the worlds of the Elara's Veil. Mainly due to the Exilarchy's sheer numbers, however, roughly half of the Veil is now under the Pure's control.[1b]

Known Members

Known Vessels

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