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Star of Damocles (Novel)

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Star of Damocles
Cover ilustration by Clint Langley
Author Andy Hoare
Publisher Black Library
Series Rogue Trader
Preceded by Rogue Star
Followed by Savage Scars
Released August 2007
Pages 256
Editions ISBN 1-84416-478-0

Cover Description

Rogue trader patriarch Lucian Gerrit and his family get swept up in an Imperial Crusade to track down and exterminate a subversive new alien race known as the tau. After crossing the vast reaches of the Damocles Gulf, the fleet finally arrives on the borders of tau space and set about their task of extinction.

The Imperial forces soon discover they have vastly underestimated the scale and resourcefulness of this new race and now the crusade must rely on Gerrit’s courage and cunning to save the day when they find themselves outnumbered and outgunned, thousands of light years from home?

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