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Starblaze is a Tau Commander who is taking part in the Traxis Sector Conflict. While there, the philosophy of the Greater Good has driven many of the Imperium's Imperial Guardsmen to join the Tau Empire and some of have joined the strike force that Starblaze commands. As the war in the Sector has gone on, Starblaze has proven to be an able commander and he has earned the respect and loyalty of the Gue'vesa Auxiliaries forces he leads into battle. Currently, Starblaze has led his forces to the beleaguered Traxis' Shrine World Sacaellum, which has been invaded by species and factions that seek to bring it to ruin. However, Starblaze is not there to bring Sacaellum into the hands of the Tau Empire; instead he merely wishes to save its population from destruction. All while of course, spreading the word of the Greater Good.[1]