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The Starkrusha was a titantic Ork Battleship and flagship of Warboss Godstompa. Godstompa put the warship at the head of his Waaagh! in 739.M41, encountering an intercepting Space Wolves fleet under Wolf Lord Finn Goresson. Finn was victorious in his early engagements, at one point driving his Strike Cruiser straight into the weakpoint of the Kroozer Longtoof and out the other side, breaking the Ork ship in two. However the Starkrusha still dwarfed the Space Wolf ships and inflicted heavy damage to them with its superior firepower.[1]

However this did not deter Goresson, who slammed his Strike Cruiser into the maw-like launch bays of the Starkrusha and lead his Great Company in a sustained boarding action. The resultant war inside the bowels of the Starkrusha lasted for six months, but the Space Wolves eventually emerged victorious.[1]