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Starn's Disciples

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Starn's Disciples set[1]

The Starn's Disciples are a Genestealer Cult special force and one of the supplement bands for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Second Edition (2018). They consist of Genestealer Cults Kelermorph and a 5-man set of Hybrid Metamorphs.[1]


Ghyrson Starn is a hero of the xenos-tainted cultists who infest the war-torn world of Vigilus, a symbol of resistance against the tyrannical Imperium. To his enemies he is an anarchist and a cold-blooded killer, an assassin who steps from the shadows to slaughter his foes with blasts from his custom autostub pistols. He leads the kill team known as Starn's Disciples, each of whom would gladly sacrifice their life for the gunslinging hero they idolise. This band of killers has murdered Planetary Governors, sabotaged Imperial monuments and stolen munitions from Astra Militarum outposts, building their infamous legend with every fresh outrage.[1]

The sourcebook

Starn's Disciples (Sourcebook) cover

The Starn's Disciples sourcebook contains detailed background about the team.


  • Introduction
  • Duel Amidst the Dunes - a short story about the Kill-Team
  • Starn's Disciples - background
  • Legends of Infamy - history of the numerous victories of the Starn's Disciples

Members of the Team