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Starstrike was a Ke'lshan Sept Commander, who took part in the Tau Empire's Fifth Sphere of Expansion in M42.[1]


He was among the Tau Empire's forces, that successfully conquered the Imperial world Jovandira. It contained a number of relics and, in order to better understand the Imperium, the Tau Empire began evacuating them for study. Upon learning of this, the Imperium dispatched the Strike Force Retribution Torchbearer Fleet to stop the Tau and reclaim the relics. After arriving, the Strike Force struck a city that Starstrike, Commander Novastorm and Shas'la Longstrike were overseeing the excavation of six Imperial relics. Starstrike would command the bulk of the Tau's forces in the ensuing battle, which devastated both sides. As they clashed, Starstrike killed an Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain, but was later slain by on of the Custodes' Vertus Praetors.[1]