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Stasis Bomb

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The Stasis Bomb is an ancient weapon used by Unforgiven Dark Talons. It is a relic of the Dark Age of Technology whose STC was rediscovered by the Dark Angels, though their Techmarines deny having the STC whenever they are asked. The blast of a stasis bomb causes a degree of damage, but its after-effect is the most terrifying aspect. Temporarily halting the flow of time, this field of disruption will cause severe disorientation and slow the reaction times of nearby enemies. Thus the victims of a Stasis bomb are ripe to be finished off by nearby Unforgiven forces, or captured and taken back to The Rock for interrogation.[1]

Lukas the Trickster, a Blood Claw of the Space Wolves, had a stasis bomb implanted into his chest in place of his Secondary Heart, after the heart was cut out by the Dark Eldar Prince Sliscus. The bomb is designed to detonate if Lukas's primary heart stops beating, thus ensuring that he and the enemy who finally kills him will be frozen together in time, forever.[2]

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