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Old Stator was a House Taranis Preceptor Knight, who commanded the Knight suit Fortis Metallum and he took part in the Great Crusade[1b] and Horus Heresy.[1a]

He was present on Mars when the Horus Heresy began and the Dark Mechanicum caused a civil war to erupt on his Homeworld. By then, House Taranis' Lord Commander Verticorda considered Stator to be both among one of best of the House's Knights and among the most sublime warriors he had seen. As war enveloped Mars, House Taranis remained loyal to the Imperium[1b] and the two younger Knights, Raf Maven and Leopold Cronus were under Stator's command[1a], as they fought against the Traitors. This changed, however, when House Taranis decided to defend Adept Koriel Zeth's Magma City Forge from the Dark Mechanicum's forces. With several of their Knights left inoperable at that time, the House's Knights had to deploy in teams of two. This led Stator to depart from Maven and Cronus and he instead partnered with the less experienced Gentran, who had only recently been elevated to Knighthood[1c]. However the attacking Traitor forces heavily outnumbered the Loyalists and Magma City would soon begin to fall to the Dark Mechanicum. Now with no hope of victory or escape, the surviving Knights of House Taranis agreed to begin a suicidal charge to kill Ambassador Melgator, who led the Traitors' forces. Stator Yelsic, Agamon and both Lord Commanders Verticorda and Caturix, charged at their foes. As they raced towards Melgator's position, Agamon was the first to die and Stator fell next, as he was heroically clearing a path through the Dark Mechanicum so the others could reach the Ambassador.[1b]