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The SteG-4 is a light Battle Tank[1a], that was used by both the Imperium[1b] and the forces of Chaos, during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[1a]


The tank is armed with a small, 40-mil cannon turret-gun, which relies on clumsy manual aiming. Someone who was well trained in the turret's use, however, could make use of its tracer shots to compensate for this flaw and use tungsten-cored, or discarding sabot ammunition to damage, tougher imperial vehicles. Made on Urdesh, the SteG-4 mounts three pairs of massive tyres and headlamps.[1c][2]


The name of the SteG-4 is possibly based on the StuG IV, a model of World War II-era German tank destroyer (although the actual description and function of the vehicles are quite different - in particular the StuG IV had caterpillar tracks rather than wheels).