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Stealth Battlesuit

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Stealth Battlesuits (or Stealthsuits) are advanced Tau Battlesuits used for operating well ahead of the main Tau army, often behind enemy lines. They are worn by Stealthsuit Teams, and come in a variety of models.

XV15 Stealth Battlesuit

The XV15 is amongst the smallest Battlesuit ever used by the Tau - indeed, the XV15 is hardly larger than Fire Warriors in their typical armour - but that only enhances its role as infiltrator and saboteur.[3] As with other battlesuits, the XV15 incorporates multi-spectrum sensors and recoil absorption technology, but in addition it is also equipped with a jetpack, a stealth field generator, and a holographic disruption field to make the suit harder to spot.[1]

XV15 Stealthsuit

XV22 Stealth/Stalker Battlesuit

The XV22 is a new stealth battlesuit that is still in the field-testing stages.[2a] It was first issued to Commander Shadowsun at the beginning of the Third Sphere Expansion, and is armed with two Fusion Blasters. In addition to its stealth field generator and jetpack, the XV22 comes equipped with a Multi-tracker, an advanced version of the Target Lock system, and a Drone Controller with a Command-link Drone and two MV52 Shield Drones.[2b]

An XV22 Stealthsuit[2b]

XV25 Stealth Battlesuit

The XV25 Stealthsuit is a much larger version than the XV15, remarked as being broader than a Space Marine.[5]

XV95 Ghostkeel Stealth Battlesuit

The XV95 is the heaviest class of Tau stealth battlesuit, designed to infiltrate enemy lines and create confusion by unleashing a torrent of heavy weaponry before disappearing. It is considered the pinnacle of Tau stealth technology.[7]

XV95 Ghostkeel

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