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Steam Gargant

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A Feral Ork Steam Gargant[2]

Steam Gargants are primitive steam-powered Gargant warmachines used by Feral Orks. Steam Gargants are the product of Feral Ork Boiler Boyz and their fierce rivalry with Pigdoks. Being Orks, both sides try to outdo the other by producing bigger and better weapons. For the Pigdoks, this manifests in colossal creatures of war like the Orkeosaurus, but for Boiler Boyz this manifests in Steam Gargants. Extremely primitive even by Ork standards, these steam-driven vehicles have even less standardization then standard Ork Gargants constructed by Mekboyz. While most Ork gargants are built as living tributes to Gork and Mork, Feral Ork boiler boyz often have little idea of this. But like all Ork Gargants, it is very large, well armored, and 'shooty'.[1]

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