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Steel Confessors

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The Steel Confessors are a Space Marine Chapter.[3]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Steel Confessors -
Founding Chapter: not verifiableSee Notes
Founding: not verifiableSee Notes
Chapter Master: Protonus[5]
Homeworld: not verifiableSee Notes
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Gunmetal grey and white/ bone[1],[4]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Crippled[4]
Battle Cry: not verifiableSee Notes
Steel Confessors Space Marine.jpg

There is not much verifiable information on the Steel Confessors Space Marines Chapter (see Notes below). They are however referred to as the "crippled Steel Confessors Chapter" and Talos Valcoran, the Soulhunter, had taken a salvaged replacement thigh guard for his own damaged Power armour from a Steel Confessors armour.[4]

The Battle for Kalevala

The whole Steel Confessors Chapter fought a battle against the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan on the world of Kalevala.[5] This planet is the "home" to the Gene Seed of the Steel Confessors. Kalevala also hosts a Psychic Choir designed to boost the signal of the Astronomican to allow Imperial shipping to continue navigating through the psychic miasma of the Tyranid Hive Fleets. On the planet surface there is a vast Manufactorum that the Space Marines are honour-pledged to defend.[3]

Chapter Master Protonus is known to have fought with the Terminators of First Company during the battle.[5]

Colour scheme

The Steel Confessors wear gunmetal grey[4] coloured power armour with white coloured shoulder pads trimmed in dark green (it is unknown if this just marks the company or if it is the same trim for the whole chapter), the knee pads are bone coloured as well. Their motif is a black cross, supposedly with lightning bolt in a red circle in its centre.[1] The chest armour bears a winged cogwheel with a lightning bolt in its centre. The displayed Terminator helmet sported a red stripe with white trim.[2]


The Steel Confessors Chapter gained notoriety at the Games Day & Golden Demon event at the NEC, Birmingham, England, in 2005, when they were featured in the Warhammer 40,000 mega-battle, The Battle for Kalevala; it was during this event that a life-sized statue of a Steel Confessor Tactical Marine, a Terminator's bust and a Bolter were also displayed (see gallery below).[1] The event was announced as "complete with Index Astartes background, a full size Space Marine in chapter colours, and a painting workshop".[3]

There was an Index Astartes Steel Confessors[3] in the form of a Games Day 2005 Battle for Kalevala leaflet. So far it has however not been possible to verify the actual content of this leaflet, therefore the information claimed to have been included in this disappeared leaflet can not be shown in this article. In order to make it nevertheless accessible you can read it here. You should however be acutely aware that since the claimed source can not be verified until somebody turns up a copy any information going beyond the colour scheme should be regarded as "unclear canonicity" at best.


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