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Steel Daemon (Novella)

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Steel Daemon
Cover art
Author Ian St. Martin
Publisher Black Library
Released November 2018
Collected in Servants of the Imperium

Steel Daemon is a novella by Ian St. Martin.


The Thirteenth Black Crusade has been unleashed. The Cadian Gate burns, and the full forces of Chaos spill out from the Great Eye to lay siege to a reeling Imperium. Warbands from across Eyespace have rallied beneath the banner of Abbadon the Despoiler and his Black Legion, few among them more dreaded than the Crimson Slaughter. Descending upon the planet Regallus, the fallen angels who once protected mankind now seek to butcher it, looking to add one more world to their bloody tally. For the Imperial soldiers that oppose them, it is a battle for survival. Separated from his unit, airman Heit Lytviak finds himself thrust into the front lines among the hardened veterans of a Cadian tank battalion. Forced to experience the full horror of war like never before, Heit must find an inner strength to stand against the darkness. But will it be enough to save him?