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Stern Codex

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The Stern Codex is a text written by the Sister of Battle Ephrael Stern while she was being hunted by her fellow sisters and the Imperium due to her unique nature.

This Codex contained encoded writings which formed a thesis that spoke of the Chaos God Slaanesh; the entity's strengths as well as his weaknesses. When Ephrael Stern was taken aboard the Cardinal Ship Benediction, Stern, along with her Codex, were taken before Cardinal Serariah. When the Cardinal touched the book, it burnt his hands, thus revealing his true nature as a servant of Chaos.

When Sister Ephrael was sentenced to death by the Ordo Malleus, she received a vision from the deceased Inquisitor Silas Hand who told her to take her text to Mehsa Luyet-Kyganil, the Guardian of the Black Library of Chaos.