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The Stigmartyr is the Chapter Banner of the Excoriators.


The Stigmartyr was entrusted by Rogal Dorn to the first Excoriators. Carrying the decree of the Second Founding, the distinction of the Astartes Praeses and honors from every battle fought, it gets its name from the emblem that the Excoriators would eventually adopt as their own, a fist clenching a thunderbolt.[1a]

Sometime during M41, the Stigmartyr was held by Zachariah Kersh, Scourge to then-Chapter Master Quesiah Ichabod.[1a] During an inspection of a Chapter house on Ignis Prime, Ichabod and Kersh were ambushed by the Alpha Legion. During the fighting, Kersh fell to an affliction know as The Darkness,[1c] and the Stigmartyr was subsequently lost.

In their search for the Stigmartyr, the Fifth Company was lured into a trap at Veiglehaven by the Alpha Legion, where half of the Company was lost.[1b]

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