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"Hold on to da pin, throw da uvver part."
- Ork Tankbusta.


The Stikkbomb is a type of Ork weapon[1].


Stikkbombs are Ork grenades in the form of a stick with the explosive part at the top and the pin at the bottom. The stick handle is very useful, allowing the grenade to be easily carried stuffed down a boot or through a belt. The main reason for the popularity of the design is its brutal appearance and appropriate sense of size and power. Two words best describe them - big and loud. Orks are known to use them as improvised clubs in close combat, often to lethal effect.[1][3][4][5]


  • Stikkbombs - Most common and basic type, these are Ork equivalents of Imperial frag grenades, that takes full advantage of Orks' strength. They are much larger and heavier but contain cruder explosives so their effects are comparable[1][3][4][5]
  • Krak Stikkboms - Rarer version analogous to Imperial krak grenades and used against enemy vehicles.[6]
  • Stunbombs - Orks use these to stun enemy infantry units. They are usually used by Ork Kommandos.[7]
  • Stinkbombs - These are made from cultured fungus and other unsavoury substances and release clouds of noxious green vapour. Its stench is beyond description and they have great effect on any non-Orkoid creature with a sense of smell.[15]
  • Fungus Gas Bombs - These stikkbombs contain gas made from very old fermented fungus. It is not harmful to Orkoids, since they are symbiothic with fungus but all other living creatures absorb harmful fungal poisons inside their bodies.[5]
  • Firey Stikkbombs - Filled with flammable liquids, these stikkbombs are used to cover target area in flames. They are usually used by Ork Kommandos.[7]
  • Smokey Stikkbombs - On detonation these stikkboms cover area in clouds of smoke, reducing visibility. They function similarly to Imperial smoke grenades. They are usually used by Ork Kommandos.[5][7]
  • Goo-bombs - This bomb contains a sticky green ooze derived from the old fermented leftovers of some Squigs. After bursting it creates a slick of sticky black squig goo. Anyone trying to pass it risks th be gummed up, though it dries after a while, allowing the victim to break free.[5]
  • Buzz-bombs - This unusual bomb contains a swarm of trapped carnivorous Buzzer Squigs. It bursts releasing a swarm of hungry buzzing creatures which devour anything unfortunate enough to be caught in the swarm area.[5]
  • Super Stikkbomb - Super Stikkbomb is an 'upgraded' version of a Krak Stikkbomb. It is, simply put, a large number of Krak Stikkbombs wired together, designed to make the biggest bang possible. They were, as most things are, invented by the Mekboyz and are a lot more dangerous and liable to kill the user as well as destroy whatever vehicle they are chucked at.[6]
  • Stikkbomb Microphones - Though they are just regular Stikkbombs, Goff Rockers use their belief in Moozik to amplify the power of their discography through the Microphones.[10]


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