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Storm Wardens

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The Storm Wardens are a Space Marine Chapter of an unknown Founding, famed for their tribal nature and heavy assaults.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
Storm Warden.png
- Storm Wardens -
Founding Chapter: Unknown[1a]
Founding: Unknown[1a]
Chapter Master: Lorgath Maclir[1a]
Homeworld: Sacris[1a]
Fortress-Monastery: Highcastle[1a]
Colours: Blue with white pauldrons, aquila, fists, shins and feet[1a]
Specialty: Armoured Assault, Close Combat.[1b]
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown
Storm Wardens icon.png


The Nemesis Incident

In 945.M36, Chapter Master Owin Glendwyr took his forces to the Steropes Cluster in response to a reading of the Emperor's Tarot by the Chief Librarian, although some versions of the account state that it may have been at the behest of the Inquisition. The region of space had many worlds consumed by the energies of the Warp. Several worlds in the periphery had come under the dominion of Enslavers. Glendwyr had a painful choice: deploy his warriors in costly battles or destroy the worlds and their populations. In one account, Glendwyr and an unnamed Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Xenos explored a series of ruins of uncertain origin. The Storm Wardens and an allied Inquisitorial force came under attack by Enslaver-controlled humans and later by Enslaver Behemoths. The ensuing battle cost the lives of many battle-brothers. Three worlds were cleansed of the xenos presence, but ultimately the Inquisitor Lord declared the Writ of Exterminatus on seven more before the cluster was declared purged.[1a][2b]

The Storm Wardens returned to Sacris, where it was discovered that a psychic taint from the Enslavers had corrupted a number of the First Company. The Chapter's Apothecaries, Chaplains, and Librarians attempted to remove the taint, but it was found to be too ingrained and presented a threat to the entire Chapter. The Inquisitor Lord wanted the infected to volunteer for liquidation, but the senior officers rejected it. Glendwyr proposed a compromise. Having convinced the Inquisitor Lord of its viability, the Chapter Master ordered that he and the First Company be interred within stasis sarcophagi in vaults far below the Chapter's fortress-monastery, which would not be opened until a cure for the taint was discovered. The Inquisition placed an additional demand of requiring that Sacris be isolated and all knowledge of the Nemesis Incident be purged from the Imperium's history. Deceptive propaganda of a virulent plague on the planet's surface was spread by automated beacons in orbit for years to come.[1a][2b][2c]

The sealing of the vaults caused the Chapter to lose access to the details of their founding or early history. This also resulted in the legend of the lost First Company and Chapter Master returning one day when the Chapter and Imperium are threatened, the battle-brothers seeking every chance to prove themselves in the eyes of those who will judge them upon their return. Only some of the Chapter's Dreadnoughts are aware of the location of the stasis vaults, but have taken a vow of silence, standing as mute sentinels.[1a][2c]

Only the Liber Tempest records the Nemesis Incident. This text is only available to senior officers of the Chapter, no one outside the Chapter having any knowledge of what happened.[1a][2c]

Kraazgrug's Folly

Ork Warboss Kraazgrug's Waaagh! had been raiding settlements on Keffik's World, threatening to cut the food supply for an entire sub-sector of the Scarus Sector. It was only just before the green tide overran the last of the world's defences that an astropathic message reached Sacris. In reaction to this plea for aid, the Storm Wardens sent a massive armoured spearhead to Keffik's World, consisting of several companies supported by massed vehicles and even a few of the Veteran 1st Company. The then-Captain Lorgath Maclir was given command of this battle group.[1c]

Lorgath planned to face the Warboss's Trukks and Buggies on the open, grassy plains of the planet's north continent. Kraazgrug, however, outflanked the Storm Wardens' formations under the cover of a mighty dust storm. Realising the Ork Warboss's cunning plan, Lorgath was forced to rethink his strategies before the Orks descended on their unguarded flanks. The Captain decided to lure the approaching Greenskins into a trap of his own crafting. Lorgath redeployed the bulk of his forces to the top of a box canyon while launching a skirmish force of Scout Bikers, Land Speeder Typhoons, and Stormravens to lure the Orks in. The skirmish force engaged the enemy and, when they retreated, the Orks took the bait. The bulk of Waaagh! Kraazgrug pursued the mobile Storm Wardens into the canyon, where they were brutally ambushed. In an unwavering hail of heavy weapons fire, Kraazgrug and his entire army were destroyed, not one Ork escaping.[1c]

The Cleansing of Vigil

The Cleansing of Vigil took place in lightless tunnels below the surface of the dead world of Vigil. In the tunnels the Storm Wardens battled against the Slaugth and their warrior constructs. Conflict consisted of a series of bloody, close-range firefights and, due to the confined conditions, heavy armour was impossible to use. The Storm Wardens' advance soon became cautious and methodical; unfortunately, the Slaugth forces seemed adept at provoking the Astartes out of such careful tactics. The toll of casualties grew high as the battle raged on and the Storm Wardens' morale was sorely tested. Despite their casualties, the Storm Wardens pulled through and Vigil was cleansed of the Xeno Slaugth, a costly victory for the Chapter. Veterans who survived the battle learned to pay closer attention to the wisdom of the Codex Astartes. Chapter Master Lorgath Maclir promoted many of these veterans to his Honour Guard.[1c]

Watch Station Oertha

Watch Station Oertha is a Deathwatch bastion in one of the primary warzones of the Canis Salient of the Jericho Reach. It is currently under attack by Tau forces who wish to colonise the planet Oertha, which, they believe, possesses vast reserves of fuel and other primary materials. It is jointly defended by the Achilus Crusade defense forces and the Deathwatch. Fifty battle-brothers of the Chapter, along with twenty Deathwatch marines under Watch Codicier Kurita, currently garrison the Watch Station. The garrisoned base is used as a platform to launch devastating raids against the Tau invaders.[1i]

Operation Hammerfall

Operation Hammerfall was the spearhead of the Achilus Crusade and commanded by Lorgath Maclir.[1d][1e][1f]

Recent Events

  • 335.M41 - The Eternal Sentinel was travelling in the Maw between the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse when it was attacked by a previously unidentified Chaos fleet. A boarding was effected on the enemy flagship, which resulted in its destruction and the crippling of three escorts.[3a]
  • 7252777.M41 - Seven full Companies are engaged in the Achilus Crusade.[1j]
  • M41 - Helped defend Hethgard with the Space Wolves.[1k]
  • M41 - Ended a year-long battle on Vanir by defeating the Crown Guard, bringing the world into compliance.[1k]
  • 784.M41 - Three Companies escorted Rogue Trader Tyral "Destroyer" Cathek into the Halo Stars beyond the Calixis Sector, encountering several isolationist empires. When the Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator group in the fleet protested about the number of worlds burned by the Rogue Trader, the Storm Wardens sided with them and left the Rogue Trader to conduct his war alone.[3a]
  • 801.M41 - Cast adrift after a flicker in the Astronomican, a Storm Wardens Hunter class destroyer was forced to dock at Port Mad Dog, a pirate haven, in order to make repairs. To prevent an organised assault on their ship, the Storm Wardens struck at the pirate king, capturing him before any resistance could be mounted. The Storm Wardens stayed for several days while repairing, then launched the pirate king out of an airlock while departing.[3a][3b]
  • 815.M41 - Answering an astropathic distress call emanating from the Feral World of Belami, the strike cruiser Glendwyr's Lament rescued the Navigator Hernando Jurkantz from the natives. The ship and its crew were engulfed in the Hadex Anomaly, sending the ship twenty thousand light years away and several decades before it had set out.[3b]


The Chapter counts a high number of Techmarines amongst its numbers. There is speculation that the Chapter enjoys a closer relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus than other Chapters.[1b]

Whenever a battle-brother is leaving for the Deathwatch, his entire Company and occasionally the entire Chapter will gather to salute him as he leaves aboard the Deathwatch's black-painted Thunderhawk.[1h]

The Inheritors

After the Nemesis Incident, the Storm Wardens rebuilt its First Company. Those who joined its ranks became known as "The Inheritors", knowing that they represent their Chapter's honour until their ancestors awaken from their timeless slumber in stasis.

Elite units within this Company utilise massive tribal Claymores and are known as Tempest Blades.[1a]

Combat Doctrine

It is commonplace for Storm Wardens to engage in single combat against the strongest opponents the enemy has to offer. This glory-seeking behaviour has seen a fair share of outmatched Storm Warden leaders recklessly slain in battle.[1b]

The preferred weapon combination is a Thunder Hammer or Power Sword with a Storm Shield.[1d][1g]

Despite being a Codex Chapter, there is one strategy the Storm Wardens have near perfected: the armoured assault. Preceding the assault, the enemy is condemned to a short, yet devastating, bombardment delivered by a Strike Cruiser or Thunderhawk Gunships. While pinned in place, the Storm Wardens launch a spearhead of Land Raiders and Predators, backed by Rhinos and Razorbacks transporting Tactical Squads and Sternguard Veterans into the thick of battle. Most Storm Wardens see these troop carriers as a steed that delivers them into battle, from which they can launch brutal assaults and seek out foes who'll bring them glory. This doctrine has won the Storm Wardens many impressive tactical victories and, of course, thins the enemy lines, so the fighting is even.[1b]


The Storm Wardens are influenced highly by the ways of the Sacris tribesmen, who view the Emperor as a stern father figure who judges all men's souls by the strength of their arms and the purity of their honour. The impact is so strong that scouts are commonly seen with woad-painted faces like the tribesmen.[1a] Many also carry a Sacris claymore, an heirloom given by his tribe. This weapon often returns to Sacris upon the death of the Storm Warden.[1b]

A Storm Warden values highly his strength-at-arms and personal honour[1a], his word being his bond.[1b]

Quiet camaraderie is often shared on the night before battle. Many of the most senior battle-brothers engage in ritualised duels, the victors gaining a coveted place in the vanguard.[1c]

Rooted in mysticism, the Tempest Amulet is a small leather pouch containing Tempest Stones, rocks fused into glass by the fierce lightning storms of Sacris and wrapped in prayer scripts written by the owner. There is a variation known as a Guardian Amulet, which has prayers written to the lost First Company in the belief that they will send aid in times of greatest peril.[1f]

Notable Elements of the Storm Wardens

Relics and Artefacts

  • Levin Shield: A Storm Shield formerly wielded by Chapter Master Lorgath Maclir, it was given to the Deathwatch in payment of an honour debt to Watch Captain Mordigael. It adjusts to the bearer's bio-electric signature and uses his body as part of the circuitry to generate its energy field.[1e]
  • Fury Unrelenting: These vambraces were salvaged from a battle-brother who fought in an engagement against a Tau battlegroup. His claymore shattered, he assaulted the armoured units with his fists. He successfully destroyed two battlesuits before dying. His vambraces were miraculously undamaged and subsequently given to the Deathwatch.[3c]
  • Widowmaker: An ancient power sword used by Captain Kynar Half-Hand in the Achilus Crusade.[4]

Chapter Fleet

Notable Members

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