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Storm of the Emperor's Wrath

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Stellar phenomenon; for the Psychic power used by Space Marine Librarians, see Imperial Psychic Powers.
Small cross.pngStorm of the
Emperor's Wrath
Galactic map showing the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath

The Storm of the Emperor's Wrath is a warp storm that appeared in M36, during the Age of Apostasy, soon after Sebastian Thor openly rebelled against Goge Vandire. The storm's strength and persistence is enough that, millennia later, it still rages to this day enveloping the Clax system and isolating it from the rest of the Imperium.[Needs Citation]

To crush Thor and his rebellion, Vandire sent a great Imperial Naval fleet, carrying the armies of the Frateris Templar. As the fleet attempted to cross through warp space to Dimmamar, the storm engulfed the region, destroying the entire fleet. The storm was considered the Emperor's will incarnate, a sign taken by Thor that Vandire had to be overthrown and the Imperium reorganized.[Needs Citation]

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