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Storm shield

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Mk.II Pattern Storm Shield[3]

The Storm Shield is a powered shield used by Space Marines, Daemonhunters and the Adeptus Custodes[5].


It is a more advanced and bulky version of the Combat Shield, providing better defence. However it is also much larger and must be grasped with the user's hand, unlike a combat shield, which allows the use of two weapons.[Needs Citation]

The shield is often shaped like the Crux Terminatus, although variant shield designs do exist, and is powered by a generator in the user's Power armour or Terminator Armour. When the generator is activated the shield shimmers with blue energy and when struck it emits crackling lightning, which gives it its name. It is often paired with a Thunder Hammer.[1][2] The shield is effective against both melee and against ranged attacks and able to withstand the might of a lascannon or even super-heavy weaponry.[3]

Known Patterns

  • Mk.II Pattern: Used by Terminators[3]
  • Cruciform Pattern: Used by Blood Angels[8]
  • Sigilite Pattern: Used by the Space Wolves[9]
  • Dragonscale Pattern: Used by the Salamanders. These advanced prototypes were soon standardized across the entire Imperium and contained an incorporated field generator that could stop powerful strikes and yet remain man-portable.[6a]
  • Coriolis Pattern Power Shield: These prototype weapons were used by the Blood Angels Crimson Paladins. Generating short range gravitic fields, they could slow or deflect strikes in combat. They were deemed too power-hungry for mass deployment.[6]
  • Vigil Pattern. Used by the Imperial Fists. Vigil Pattern Stormshields incorporate potent field generators and were first put into service during the Ullanor Crusade.[4]


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