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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Tank. For other uses of Stormlord, see Stormlord (disambiguation).
A Standard Stormlord.

The Stormlord is a rarer variant of the Baneblade super-heavy vehicle used by the Imperial Guard. Unlike the more common Shadowsword variant, it is not designed to hunt Titans but instead geared towards the destruction of infantry.


The Stormlord's primary armament is a Vulcan Mega-Bolter, which can dispatch enemy infantry with a vicious hail of fire. Although it may lack the heavier guns on its brethren, the Shadowsword or the Stormsword it is normally deployed alongside the Titan Hunters as "pest control". Its massive amount of anti-infantry firepower is the bane of light troops everywhere, but its most widely regarded ability is troop transport, which its older counterparts are not equipped for.

The Stormlord's secondary armanent consists of two sponson-mounted Heavy Flamers or Heavy Bolters, two sponson-mounted Lascannons and a frontal Twin-linked Heavy Bolter. It is often equipped with the pintle-mounted Storm Bolter or Heavy Stubber and/or a hunter-killer missile. Like the Shadowsword, it is always equipped with the Searchlight and Smoke Launchers.[1][2]

The Stormlord is able to redirect the power normally supplied to the engine to double the Vulcan Mega-Bolter's rate of fire.[1] Guardsmen often refer to the Stormlord as a "safehouse", due to the security of being inside one.[3]

Vehicle Name: Stormlord Main Armament: Vulcan Mega-Bolter
Forge World of Origin: Lucius Secondary Armament: 2 Lascannons, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter, 2 Twin-linked Heavy Bolters/Heavy Flamers.
Known Patterns: I-XI Traverse: 0 degrees
Crew: Commander, Driver,3 Gunners, 2 Loaders,

Comms-Operator, Engineer

Elevation: From -4 to 18 degrees
Powerplant: LC503 v18 p4 multi-fuel Main Ammunition: 10000 Rounds
Weight: 312 tonnes Secondary Ammunition: 300 rounds and 4000 rounds.
Length: 13.5m
Width: 8.4m Armour
Height: 6.3m
Ground Clearance: 1.2m Superstructure: 210mm
Fording Depth: {{{Fording Depth}}} Hull: 190mm
Max Speed - on road 25kph Gun Mantlet 180mm
Max Speed - off road: 18kph Vehicle Designation: 0427-658-0784-SL471
Transport Capacity: 40 units Firing Ports: N/A
Access Points: N/A Turret: 220mm

Notable Individual Stormlords

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