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The Stormsword is an Imperial Guard super-heavy vehicle based on the Shadowsword. Built specifically for sieges and street-fighting, the Stormsword is geared towards providing troops close-quarter support with a variety of heavy weapons.[1][2a]


The Stormsword was originally a field conversion of salvaged Shadowsword chassis created during the siege of Coldarkh Hive[7]; though such "unofficial" conversions are frowned upon by the conservative elements of the Adeptus Mechanicus, most Guard commanders take a more pragmatic view.[2a] In place of the Shadowsword's Volcano cannon is a large Stormsword Siege Cannon[6] firing rocket-propelled siege shells.[1] While sufficiently powerful to level an entire building with a single shot, typically by destroying the ground floor and collapsing the structure, the weapon's limited range and restricted elevation severely limits its utility on the open battlefield.[2a]

The Stormsword's formidable secondary armaments are also geared towards the close confines of a street brawl: a coaxial Heavy Bolter is supported by two sponson-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters atop which are turret-mounted Heavy Flamers.[2a] Although, some Stormswords replace their sponsons with extra armour plating. The Stormsword can also mount additional weapons such as a Hunter-Killer Missile and/or a pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber/Storm Bolter.[1]

While it remains a rare vehicle, the Stormsword has earned its place within the Imperial Guard, leading the charge in the heart of intense city battles, and it is rumoured some Forge Worlds have begun producing them in limited numbers.[2a]

Vehicle Name: Stormsword[2a] Main Armament: Stormsword Siege Cannon
Forge World of Origin: Unknown, most are workshop conversions Secondary Armament: 2 Heavy Flamers, 2 Heavy Bolters
Known Patterns: I-XII Traverse:
Crew: Commander, Driver, Main Gunner,
Remote Gunner, Comms Operator, Loader
Elevation: From -2° to +12°
Powerplant: MR507 V18 Multi Fuel Main Ammunition: 20 Rounds
Weight: 302 tonnes Secondary Ammunition: 2000 Rounds
Length: 13.5m
Width: 8.4m Armour
Height: 5.85m
Ground Clearance: 1.2m Superstructure: 220mm
Fording Depth: {{{Fording Depth}}} Hull: 210mm
Max Speed - on road 25kph Gun Mantlet 200mm
Max Speed - off road: 18kph Vehicle Designation: 0427-658-0215-SW201
Transport Capacity: N/A Firing Ports: N/A
Access Points: N/A Turret: N/A

Fording Depth: 3.1m[5]

Known Stormswords and Regiment that include them

Notable Individual Stormswords


Forgeworld released an Arkurian pattern Stormsword in 2008 and they also produce an Epic scale version, which Games Workshop does not supply.


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