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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the gunship; for the Wolf Lord, see Bjorn Stormwolf.

The Stormwolf is a specialized type of assault craft used by the Space Wolves.[1]


The Stormwolf is the Chapter’s foremost assault craft, enabling the Space Wolves to bring the fight to the enemy wherever they may be found. Combining breathtaking speed with the freedom of altitude, a Stormwolf can swiftly close on its prey before setting loose its deadly cargo right in amongst the enemy lines, and bears sufficient firepower to ensure their landing is uncontested. The wolf’s head silhouette of the Stormwolf strikes fear into the hearts of any who face the Sons of Russ, for their presence signals the imminent arrival of some of the deadliest warriors in the Imperium. Such foreboding is not without good cause, for the Stormwolf is the favoured transport of packs of battle-hungry Blood Claws, who are renowned for not holding back once committed to battle.[1]

Stormwolf craft are equipped with a choice of twin-linked Heavy Bolters, Skyhammer Missiles, or Multi-Meltas.[1]

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