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Colonel 'Snake' Stranski is a famed tank ace of the Imperial Guard.[1]


Born on Cadia, he is part of the 114th Cadian Mechanised Regiment. During the campaign on the world of Atalia Minoris, Stranski began to show his talent for command by commanding Chimera-transported mechanized infantry against Ork forces. He also earned his nicknamed during this time.[1]

Stranski was promoted to Lieutenant after the Battle of Istenbrak City, and after his Company's Captain was killed, during the retreat from Istenbrak in a rearguard action, he was promoted to command the Company. He has served with distinction since, leading a counter-attack against the enemy forces from his Chimera and has been wounded in action no less than twelve times. Stranski believes that the only way to win a war is to take the battle to the enemy and tactically emphasizes the speed and firepower of his Chimeras.[1]

Stranski and his 114th Cadian Mechanised Regiment took part in the Taros Campaign.[2]


  • "Captain, the reason we've got these tracks is to get us into trouble faster. Now I suggest you mount up and move out. The enemy is that way, don't stop 'til you find him, and don't come back 'til you've beaten him."[Needs Citation]

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