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Strategic Collective

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Strategic Intelligence Collective, often shortened to Strategic Collective, is a group within the Departmento Munitorum of the Adeptus Administratum.[1][2b] Strategic Intelligence Collective 827/II has issued reports on the Tyranids.[1b][2b]

Established in the months following the defeat of Hive Fleet Leviathan, the Strategic Collective is a level-vermilion secret research group housed within the Administratum complex on Terra.[Needs Citation]

Composed of senior Inquisition savants[Needs Citation] and Magos Biologis. The reports of the Strategic Collective are sent, sealed and unedited, directly to the High Lords of Terra.[Needs Citation]

The Stark Report

A report given by the Strategic Collective in 998.M41 stated their belief that their extrapolated findings indicated that Hive Fleets Behemoth, Kraken, and Leviathan were the vanguard of a yet unseen main force, likening them to talons of a claw.[2c] This main force was projected to be brought to bear against the Imperium within a century.[2c] The report also stated that an increase of mobilization levels by a minimum of 500% would be needed to slow this main force.[2c] Additionally, the drafting of every able-bodied man and woman on every world of the Segmentae Solar, Obscurus, and Tempestus would be needed to have a chance at repelling said force.[2c]

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