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Strike and Fade (Audio Drama)

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Strike and Fade
Author Guy Haley
Performer Toby Longworth, Ramon Tikaram, Tim Treloar
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Preceded by Warmaster
Followed by Veritas Ferrum
Released December 2012
Collected in Legacies of Betrayal
Length 10 minutes
Editions 2013 mp3
ISBN 9780857877819

Strike and Fade is an audio drama by Guy Haley. It was released online in December 2012. It was performed by Ramon Tikaram, Toby Longworth and Tim Treloar.

Cover Description

In the aftermath of the Isstvan V massacre, a group of Salamanders survivors lay a trap for their foes, a group of unwary Night Lords on the hunt for easy prey. As they lure the Night Haunter's murderous sons into a trap, the battered survivors of the Dropsite Massacre contemplate their fate... and for some of them, it may come sooner than they think.


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