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Stromark Civil War

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The Flesh Tearers and Angels Encarmine make planetfall on Stromark.[2]

The Stromark Civil War was a civil war which culminated from the political rivalry of the two Industrial Worlds of the Imperial Stromark System.[1]


When the Civil War broke out between the two worlds of Stromark, the conflict quickly halts the much-needed weapons supplies to the Imperium, a situation that cannot be allowed to continue. So it is that the Angels Encarmine and the Flesh Tearers Space Marine Chapters are dispatched to the Stromark system with orders to end the conflict by any means necessary.[1]

Stromark Prime is the first to fall to the Space Marines assault. Coming under siege from the Flesh Tearers, the stories of unstoppable Space Marines hacking a bloody path through thousands upon thousands of Stromarkian rebels quickly terrified the planets populace into submission. Stromark Secundus however takes longer to fall, the Angels Encarmine launching five Furioso Dreadnoughts to smash into the military headquarters of the rebel world and tearing the High Command limb from limb. The surviving Stromark Officers wisely choose to end the conflict thereafter.[1]

In the wake of the slaughter, officials from the Administratum estimate that the damage caused by the Civil War and the ensuing Space Marine assault will take centuries to repair.[1]

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