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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Sturndrang px
Segmentum: Unknown
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Industrial World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Sturndrang is an Industrial World dedicated to the production of all manner of armaments and materials for the Imperium.


A heavily industrialised world, Sturndrang's surface is smothered by a blanket of vast factorums and hugely overly populated hive cities. Utilising rich mineral deposits via a vast array of mines and subterranean works, Sturndrang is too all intents and purposes one planetary sized manufactorum. The majority of Sturndrang's poverty stricken population serve in the mines, gathering materials for the relentless machine that is Sturndrang's industry. In the main, Sturndrang produces shells, tank armour, glacis for aircraft, vulcanised rubber, plastek, fuel, teeth for chain weapons, even down to rivets. These are then shipped away to all corners of the Imperium. In light of this, in some respects it may also be considered as a War World, as it requires a standing army to protect it's valuble assets from both external threats and from the huge populace contained in it's 23 hives. As such, a system of bastions, blockhouses, search lights and patrolling gun-cutters or atmospherically sealed speeders ensures that compliance and maximum efficiency is maintain .[1a]


  • The Seven Points Arena - Formerly owned by the now deceased local gang lords Silas Krebb and Otmar the Brute, the Seven points arena, known as 'the Cross' by the locals, is a brutal gladiatorial arena in the underhive of Molior. Fought over many gangs for ownership, particularly the 'Junkers' and 'Hel-Kytes' gangs[1c], the arena would collect a tithe of gladiators from Molior's underhive to fight in gladiatorial bouts.[1b] Recently, it was found that the seven paths intersecting that gave the arena it's name were in fact 8, and a Chaos ritual shrine.[1c]
  • Kabullah - Known as 'The Sink by it's inhabitants, Kabullah is a small settlement set up in the underhive of Molior. A place of abject poverty, it is often subject to raids collecting a 'tithe' for the Seven points arena.[1b]
  • The Well’ – The well is an anomaly within Molior hive. A wide chasm, it appears to have been the result of an impact that broke through the hives outer layers, and proceed to penetrate to the lowest levels of the underhive. At the base of this chasm sits an old shipyard and Administratum Archive from Molior's history.[1d]

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