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Suam Eldi

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Commander Flamewing[1]

Commander Shas'o Vior'la Suam Eldi, better known as Commander Flamewing is a high ranking commander of the Tau Empire and currently operates on the outskirts of the Zurcon System.[1]


Originally from the Tau sept of Vior'la and born into the Fire Caste, Flamewing's early action as a Fire Warrior were against Dark Eldar raiders. Later becoming a Crisis Battlesuit pilot, Flamewing participated in the defense of Dal'yth Prime against the forces of the Imperium during the Damocles Crusade and later taking part in the Tau sweep across a number of fringe human worlds after the Imperial withdrawal from Tau space. With the foundation of the Sept of Velk'Han, Flamewing was promoted and given command of a Hunter Cadre. Tasked with halting the advance of recently discovered Tyranids invading the world of Zurcon Extremis, Flamewing massively underestimated these new enemies sheer numbers, Flamewing's forces were cut off and forced to fight for their lives. Despite his tactical blunder, during the battle Flamewing was noted for his bravery in personally facing down fearsome adversaries such as Zoanthropes as well as his skillful ability to command from defensive positions.[1]

Fighting to the brink of exhaustion, Flamewing realized his troops were the last on Zurcon Extremis and fought desperately for six days against a never-ending tide of Tyranids. On the seventh day of the battle, something strange occurred as Flamewing's warriors fell into a dark rage and abandoned the legendary discipline of the Fire Caste. Soon the rage consumed Flamewing himself and fighting broke out among the Tau ranks, an act unheard of since the days before the coming of the Ethereals. This disunity was the Tau's regressing to their base emotions and primal urges, a result of the last Ethereal on Zurcon Extremis falling to the Tyranids. Realizing his Hunter Cadre's position was now all but lost, Flamewing rallied his troops for one last but glorious action.[1]

Stirring his troops into a righteous rage, Flamewing and his entire Hunter Cadre charged from their fortified positions and launched themselves straight into the Tyranid horde before them. Fighting viciously for well over a day, soon only Flamewing and his bodyguards of Crisis Battlesuits remained. But just when all seemed lost, reinforcements finally arrived and crashed into the Tyranid horde. Zurcon Extremis had been saved.[1]

In the aftermath of the events on Zurcon Extremis, Flamewing retreated into meditation and sought council with the most learned of Fire Caste nobles, Commanders who had faced the same inner rage he himself had only recently experienced. Eventually meditating on the deeper truths of the Greater Good, his turmoil was overcome and Flamewing took on his Battlesuit armor once more. Since then he has dedicated himself to battling the Tyranid threat, and is found wherever they may threaten the Tau. Viewing the Tyranids as the ultimate threat to the Tau Empire, he resents Tau officials that "waste" resources against the Imperium or other enemies.[1]