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Sump Dogs

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The Sump Dogs are a House Orlock gang in Hive Primus on Necromunda.[1]

The Sump Dogs are the lords of the Spider Points, having fought their way up from controlling Sumptown on the edge of the Nexus to running the roads that link the hives of the Palatine Cluster. They owe their success largely to Slate Merdena, an outcast of the Merdena family who clawed his way up from an Ash Road wrecker to be one of the most feared Road Bosses this side of the Drysea. It is said that when Lord Morrow himself offered Slate and his Sump Dogs a place in Crucible, the Road Boss refused, choosing instead to stay in the wastes and continue to expand the dominion of his gang. These days the Sump Dogs number in their thousands, with hundreds of gangs working the Hive Primus Ash Gates and hundreds more controlling outposts as far north as Bighole and as far south as the Dust Wall.[2]

Known Members

Former Members