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Sunblitz Brotherhood

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Symbol of the Sunblitz Brotherhood

The Sunblitz Brotherhood are a group of Eldar Corsairs.[1]


The Sunblitz Brotherhood are led by three brothers - triplets - Known as Phaendris, Siriolas, and Erandael. All three have a deep contempt for lesser races, though which is hated most of all depends on the brother. Phaendris aims his greatest ire at Humans, Siriolas Necrons, and Erandael Orks. Nonetheless, they are bound by a furious loyalty and will brook no insult to one of their kin from any outsider.[3]

They are believed by the Ordo Xenos to be aligned with Craftworld Alaitoc. They took part in the Eldar invasion of Betalis III in conjunction with Alaitoc, Mymeara, the Void Dragons, and Sky Raiders. They are known to have a tense relationship with the Void Dragons, and during the battle in the Betalis system they may have fired on one another.[1]

More recently, the warband took part in War Zone Laevenir alongside their Craftworld and Harlequin kin.[2]

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