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Commander Surestrike is a Tau Commander.

A disciple of Commander Shadowsun, Surestrike's first known major command was destroying survivors of Mu'gulath Bay who sought to defect to the Farsight Enclaves.[1a]

Shadowsun came to recommended Surestrike to command the Fourth Sphere of Expansion. However, disaster struck due to an overload of the fleet's AL-38 Slipstream Modules, creating a wormhole that threw the expedition across much of the galaxy. Lost in a nightmarish alternate dimension for an unclear period of time, Surestrike's fleet eventually re-emerged into realspace and immediately attempted to re-contact the Tau Empire. His forces were eventually successful, and when the Fifth Sphere of Expansion re-emerged at the other side of the Startide Nexus, he greeted Shadowsun personally to the new Tau bastion in the heart of Imperial space.[1b]