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Sven Bloodhowl

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2drones.gif Ambiguous Term? This article is about the the Wolf Lord. For other uses of Sven, see Sven (disambiguation).
Sven Bloodhowl

Sven Bloodhowl was a Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves, leading the Great Company known as the Firehowlers.[1][4]


The Badge of the Fire Breather

Even for Space Wolves, Sven and the warriors of his Great Company are reckless, daring, and savage. They tattoo their bodies with runes and scenes depicting their own sagas; Sven himself has covered every square inch of his body with these tattoos, but, still lacking enough room, has taken to using the hides of his defeated enemies to continue his saga[1a].

Sven's symbol on the Grand Annulus is the Fire Breather, a famous volcano on Fenris located a hundred leagues north of the Fang. During his Company's regular feasts, he and his men practice increasingly dangerous feats of breathing and walking through fire, after which they gorge themselves on heavily spiced meat and guzzle flaming liquor[1a].

Sven's company specializes in close combat tactics, and legend says that he and his vanguard breathe fire into their enemies' ranks as they advance[1a].

Notable Actions