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Sven Dragonfire

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Sven Dragonfire is a Space Marine of the Space Wolves chapter and a close friend of Ragnar Blackmane.


As a young man on Fenris, Sven challenged eight grown men to single combat after they killed his uncle, and defeated them all, one after the other. A watching Wolf Priest was sufficiently impressed to recruit him as an Aspirant. He was sent to camp Russvik and placed in a "Claw" squad alongside Strybjorn Grimskull and Ragnar Thunderfist, under Sergeant Hakon.[1a]

He survived the intense process of the Space Wolves induction and was placed in the same Blood Claw pack with both Strybjorn and Ragnar, where he became a good friend to Ragnar, serving alongside Ragnar through most of his early adventures.

During the final assault against the Chaos Temple on Garm, he lost one of his hands to the Thousand Sons Sorcerer Madox, which would later be replaced by a Power Fist. He was promoted to Grey Hunter after the campaign, but was upset with the decision to send Ragnar to the Wolfblade.

Personality and Appearance

As an Aspirant, Sven was squat, broad, but immensely powerful. He quickly became known for his mocking sense of humour and his insatiable appetite.[1a] During their training and their first actions with the chapter, Ragnar did not think of Sven as a friend, but eventually came to appreciate his friend's teasing and stalwart nature in combat.

He was often noted (and insulted) by his fellow Blood Claws for his constant desire for food, and often mocked by Ragnar (and slugged by Hakon) for his thick-headedness. Despite this, his maturity shows through later on and when his chainsword fails, he picks up a gun emplacement and uses it to bring down the horde of cultists, with Ragnar commenting that Sven will likely skip Grey Hunter and go right to Long Fang, despite Sven melting the barrel of the gun with his continuous firing. He is nevertheless a stalwart warrior, with Ragnar mentioning on multiple occasions that he prefers Sven at his side.