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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the primitive weapon; for the escort-class starship, see Sword Frigate.

Sword is a generic name for the basic primitive weapon taking the form of a hand-blade.

Description and Variants

It is relatively easy to manufacture and even untrained fighters can use it in battle with some degree of success. Swords can range from mass-produced blades of cheap metal to lightweight high-quality version or even elaborate versions made from Tyranid talons. However, as with most melee weapons, it is the skill of a user rather than the actual weapon that determines the winner of combat. The sword is perhaps the most widely used weapon in the Galaxy that can be found in the hands of any servant of the Imperium or follower of Chaos as well as many Xenos races.[1][2][3]


Falchions are short, heavy blades that combine the best of a sword and axe and are ideal for close quarters fighting in boarding partiesor when repelling attackers. Similar to but heavier than a cutlass, a falchion offers a more brutal offensive capability as it can hack through tougher materials.[4]

Parrying dagger

Unlike most blades, a parrying dagger is designed mostly for defence by catching the enemy’s sword in a parrying manoeuvre with its wider guard or split tines. While it won’t break the sword, it can ensnare it long enough for user's counter attack to succeed. Should the opportunity arise, even a parrying dagger can inflict a nasty stabbing wound.[4]

Famous Users


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