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Sword Brother

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Primaris Space Marine Sword Brethren (9th Edition)[2]

Sword Brethren is a specialist rank within the Black Templars.[1]


Sword Brethren are elevated by their commanding Crusade's Marshal, and act as his own personal household guard. Though often veterans, some are simply Initiates who have achieved exceptional deeds. Marshals, however, are extremely careful with choosing their Sword Brethren. These warriors are then set upon two paths: fighting in bands with his fellow Sword Brethren or taking charge of Crusader Squads alongside Initiates and Neophytes. Others may become Ancients or Chaplains. Within a Marshal's Household, Sword Brethren are typically used as honour guard and elite shock troops. Due to their strong faith and zeal, they are often especially effective against the forces of the Warp.[1]

During Crusades, a Marshal can also appoint a Castellan to lead one of the Fighting Companies. This Castellan is picked from the Sword Brethren as is the case when a Castellan or Marshal is killed, the new one will be picked from the Sword Brethren.[Needs Citation]

Notable Sword Brethren


A Sword Brethren squad


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