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Sword of Caliban

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The Sword of Caliban is a Strike Cruiser in service with the Dark Angels Chapter.[1b]


The Sword of Caliban was due to transport the Fifth Company under Master Zadakiel to the Tomb World Aryand, to aid Chief Librarian Danatheum against the Necrons of the Nephrekh Dynasty.[1a] However, Danatheum ordered the vessel to divert to the planet Honoria, in order to defend that world against the invading Orks of Waaagh! Groblonik.[1b]

It was later part of the warfleet that served with Master Lazarus' 5th Company, as they defended the Imperial world Husk from an Ork invasion. The Sword of Caliban fought the Xenos' warships alongside the Strike Cruiser Death of Mercy and the Battle Barge Unrelenting Fury. While the Mercy later left to pursue the Orks' fighter craft that fled from the battle, the Fury and Sword remained above the world, with the Sword defending the Battle Barge's flank. The Fury was then meant to destroy the invading Orks with an orbital bombardment, after Lazarus drew the Xenos to the 5th Company's location on Husk. However just as the Orks neared the Company, the Battle Barge's commander, Domitius, received an urgent message from the Dark Angels' Supreme Grand Master Azrael. It contained orders of the highest priority for the Unrelenting Fury, which required that the Battle Barge leave at once to fulfill them. Domitius immediately began preparations to do so, but informed Master Lazarus of his new orders before the Fury departed from Husk. However this meant the 5th would now likely to suffer heavy losses at the charging Orks' hands.[2]




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