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Sword of Luther

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The Sword of Luther, named Nightfall, was the weapon wielded by Grand Master Luther of the Dark Angels during the Destruction of Caliban to mortally wound Lion El'Jonson. It is currently locked in the armoury of the Rock.[1][2]

Upon its blade is an inscription that reads: "TO LUTHER, FRIEND AND COMRADE-IN-ARMS. MAY YOUR FAITH BE YOUR SHIELD. LEJ."[1]


The Sword of Luther was a gift to Luther from Lion El'Jonson, bearing an inscription by the primarch. Luther would later turn the weapon on his former friend during their duel on Caliban, mortally wounding the Lion.[1]

The sword survived the Destruction of Caliban and came to the Martyr's Tomb on the Eldar world of Lughnasa, apparently left there by a group of the Fallen after they raided the temple. Interrogator-Chaplain Uzziel discovered it there, following the claims of one of the Fallen that the Lion Sword could be found in the temple. Although he realised the weapon was, in fact, the Sword of Luther, and that the weapon has become corrupted by Chaos, Uzziel decided it was nevertheless a relic of the Chapter and should be returned to The Rock.[1]