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Sword of Sacrilege

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The Sword of Sacrilege is a Despoiler Battleship.[1]


The Imperium believes that Rogal Dorn died on The Sword of Sacrilege.[3] The Primarch was last reported when storming this vessel[2] during a Black Crusade.[1] His fist (Hand of Dorn)[2] was recovered and placed in a stasis chamber as a reminder to all Imperial Fists of their devotion to duty.[1][2]

The Sword of Sacrilege was eventually devoted to Tzeentch and became the base of a cabal of powerful sorcerers. Alongside its involvement in Dorn's disappearance, this made it a prime target of the Inquisition. At some point, the ship joined Abaddon's fleet and later fought in the 12th Black Crusade.[3]