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Sword of Sebastus

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The Sword of Sebastus or Dornsblade is a sacred object to all of the Imperial Fists successor chapters.


The Sword of Sebastus is the second sword Rogal Dorn wielded after he broke his first sword over his knee when he was unable to protect the Emperor aboard Horus' Battle Barge. He emerged from The Iron Cage wielding this sword.

The Sword of Sebastus is considered one of the most revered artifacts of Dorn, and is awarded to the victorious chapter of the centennial contest, the Feast of Blades.[1a]


While with most weapons, the more glory obtained by the wielder of the weapon, the more extravagant the weapon, the Sword of Sebastus is rather simple. Crafted from a single piece of adamantium, short of a prism attached as a counter-balance and the numerals 'VII' stamped on the cross-guard, it is otherwise featureless.[1b]

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