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Sword of the High Marshals

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High Marshall Helbrecht with the Sword of the High Marshals

The Sword of the High Marshals, also called the Sword of Sigismund,[2] is a master-crafted Power Sword said to contain fragments of the sword wielded by the primarch Rogal Dorn during the Horus Heresy.[1] It is the most sacred relic of the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter ritually presented to the Chapter Master, called the High Marshal, upon his election, after which he traditionally declares his first Crusade.[2]


According to legend, Rogal Dorn broke his sword across his knee in rage after he failed to protect the Emperor of Mankind aboard the Vengeful Spirit at the end of the Siege of Terra, swearing never to wield it again. Sigismund, the first High Marshal of the Black Templars, ordered the shards to be forged into the Sword of the High Marshals that would be carried by all High Marshals as a reminder of their duty of atonement.[1]

During the War of the Beast in 544-546.M32, when there had been only a few High Marshals to wield the blade, it was more commonly known as the Sword of Sigismund.[3][4]

The sword is currently carried by High Marshal Helbrecht.[1]


High Marshall Helbrecht miniature with the Sword of the High Marshals

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