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The Swordstorm was a Gloriana Class battleship that served as the flagship of White Scars Primarch Jaghatai Khan during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. It was the fastest Gloriana class vessel, with its reactors and engines heavily modified by White Scars Techmarines to allow for quick acceleration at astonishing speeds.[1a]


The Swordstorm was originally constructed at Luna as a standard Gloriana vessel. However when the newly discovered Jaghatai Khan inspected the ship, he was disgusted by what he found and ordered the entire structure stripped and rebuilt according to his own specs.[3]

During the Heresy, the Swordstorm led the White Scars breakout from the Alpha Legion blockade during the Chondax Campaign.[1a] It later arrived at Prospero, and briefly engaged the Death Guard fleet of Mortarion after an attempted coup by Hasik Noyan-Khan failed.[1b]

The Swordstorm ultimately met its end during the Battle of Catallus, where it became a trap for the Primarch Mortarion. After boarding the vessel in search of Jaghatai Khan (unaware that he had since evacuated to the Lance of Heaven), the ship's Void Shields were reactivated by a force of suicidal Sagyar Mazan, preventing the Death Lord's escape. With the vessel's reactors set to meltdown, Mortarion was forced to fight his way through the Sagyar Mazan while ordering his own fleet to reduce the shields of the Swordstorm once more. Just barely before the Swordstorm exploded, the shields were brought down enough for Mortarion to teleport off the ship. The Lance of Heaven became the new flagship of the White Scars after the battle.[2]