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An Archsybarite[4]

Sybarite is the title given to a Dark Eldar Warrior squad leader.


The strongest, most ruthless member of a squad is granted this title by killing the competition by any means necessary, as is the Dark Eldar way. A Sybarite is still a fairly low ranking member of a Kabal, and the title really serves little purpose apart from creating rivalry within the Warrior squad and giving the new Sybarite a higher-ranking position to strive for.[Needs Citation]

Sybarites in command of their Kabal's Hand of the Archon Kill Team Unit, are known as Archsybarites and wield Venom Blades.[3]


Once attaining the rank of Sybarite, most have honed their skills in combat to such a degree that they trade in their longer-range, but clumsier and less aggressive Splinter Rifles for Splinter Pistols and a Monomolecular Blade. Sybarites frequently use their new positions in the Kabal to procure new weapons or wargear to further increase their effectiveness in combat. Sybarites may also possess stronger Darklight Weaponry such as a blast pistol replacing his/her splinter pistol. Their ordinary close combat weapon may also be replaced by a Venom Blade or even an Agoniser.[Needs Citation]

Some Sybarites make sure to keep themselves alive and invest in their protection. They may buy Ghostplate Armour or a Phantasm Grenade Launcher.[Needs Citation]



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